Our Services

Kalpit provides project development and consulting services in a number of areas with the aim of increasing your competitiveness through a better utilization of your resources.

Testing & Quality Assurance Service

Testing & Quality Assurance

We assist you with both mapping, designing and implementing test strategies. Our highly qualified resource people have assisted both large and small businesses with all types of testing, including, performance testing, test automation, acceptance testing, functional testing, configuration testing, mobile testing and, not least, cloud testing.

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Development Service

Digital Sales Customer Services

Here at Kalpit we understand that sellers and resellers have to make a ton of decisions every day, and wise ones know that they have to be thoughtful about how much energy to put into each one. If you bestow some decision making power on virtual assistants not only will you be more effective and less drained, you can focus on your core functions and run the business smoothly. Ideally, put all your focus on the most important decisions that require serious thinking. As your relationship builds and your VA learns more about you, your vision and your business they can be a fresh pair of eyes and a new sounding board for your ideas. They may know of more efficient tools or have experience of the new procedures you want to put in place. Think of your VA as a freelance PA.

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