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With over 10 years of experience in USA market we are launching our digital sales and support services for Amazon and eBay in the UK and European market.

Replying to your customers emails on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and seller’s website within 24 hours. The goal is 100 percent attainment on contact response time.

Responding to live chat within seconds.

Not all feedback are permanent. We can try to remove negative feedback on Amazon, eBay and Walmart with proper communication to the customers.

Removal of negative reviews on Amazon with proper communication to the customers. Future customers will be more willing to trust you if you show them positive reviews that includes quotes and names.

Handling A- Z claims and Charge back claims in Amazon.

Winning eBay and Paypal disputes to avoid any loss of revenue.

Increased Customer Engagement

You will definitely win a gold coin with increased customer satisfaction. We follow up with the customers after the order is shipped. We engage with the customer until we are sure that they are 100 percent satisfied with the product and service they have received. Remember, satisfied customers are more loyal.

As a seller you shouldn’t forget there is huge potential for revenue in your list of existing customers. We will keep the lines of communication open by asking your customers for permission to communicate with them and then send helpful product information based on their needs and interests. By following up, we are doing something most businesses don’t bother with and that sets you apart from the herd.

Product Listing

Product title, images and description are also important when you list your product on Amazon, Walmart and eBay .We will keep your listing accurate and up to date.

Improved Business Decisions

We can help you to make better business decision by providing report on competitors MAP and MSRP so you are not behind your competitor in the market.

Processing of Shipping Labels Remotely

We can print your labels for you in any order you want us to , if we can get remote access of your computer.

Custom Pricing According to Your Needs

We will work on your account for first two weeks for free to give you the insight on your account and to make sure we charge you according to the work we do on your account.

Why Work With Us?

Here at Kalpit we understand that sellers and resellers have to make a ton of decisions every day, and wise ones know that they have to be thoughtful about how much energy to put into each one. If you bestow some decision making power on virtual assistants not only will you be more effective and less drained, you can focus on your core functions and run the business smoothly. Ideally, put all your focus on the most important decisions that require serious thinking. As your relationship builds and your VA learns more about you, your vision and your business they can be a fresh pair of eyes and a new sounding board for your ideas. They may know of more efficient tools or have experience of the new procedures you want to put in place. Think of your VA as a freelance PA.

Working on weekends and bank holidays

Dedicated Account Managers

Honest feedback on your existing account

We work on custom emails not templates

Fully Trained Staff

Maintaining healthy account on Amazon

Want to enter in digital sales market?

We can provide you a detailed a market analysis on your Product, Price and Promotion.

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